Hélène Dufresne

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An early worker in setting up and promoting Cirque du Soleil from 1984 to 1998, Hélène Dufresne has held the presidency of the Dufresne and Gauthier Foundation since its creation in 2001.

Hélène wishes to live in a world built on cultural diversity and sustainable development, shaped by strong and sensitive identities, imbued with respect, trust and mutual aid. This is also the ambition of the Massif de Charlevoix project, a vast recreational tourism project well integrated in the region of the same name, in which it collaborated in various capacities from 2003 to 2013.

A constant concern for fairness, openness and sharing animates its approach. Several community and cultural projects receive his support from their board of directors: Horizon Charlevoix, Culture pour tous, Équiterre. This is a commitment to approach and recognize the multiplicity of social and cultural realities, and at the same time, a heritage to bring into the world.