Our partners

Our community partners in Quebec

Quebec region

Association du Québec pour enfants avec problèmes auditifs

Give parents respite and offer activities to consolidate the development of various parenting skills and the learning of Quebec sign language. Facilitate entry into employment for young adolescents living with deafness.

Carrefour des enfants de St-Malo

Support the most vulnerable children and families by providing an environment for socializing in French.

Centre Jacques-Cartier

Support for emerging projects by young people aged between 16 and 35 in situations of social and economic insecurity.

Centre ressource jardin de familles

Support the leadership team for activities for parents with children aged 6 to 11.

Cuisine collective Beauport

Enhance the parenting experience and the role of parent educators by developing culinary skills transferable to the home to promote healthy, economical eating.

École de cirque de Québec

Support homework program and circus activities for local elementary school children aged 4 to 12.

Fondation du Musée de la civilisation

Support the Foundation's mission of providing access to education and culture, in this case for less privileged families.

La Boussole

Support for the Enfance-Jeunesse program for young people aged 7 to 17 who have a relative with a mental illness.

Laura Lémerveil

Support to consolidate respite services for parents of children with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Le Petit Répit

Provide in-home respite for more vulnerable families and support for parents in developing their parenting skills.

Le Pivot

Offer respite to parents, support the welcome and inclusion of immigrant families and promote access to leisure activities for families.

La Parenthèse

Offer support to mothers and children in situations of post-separation domestic violence, to help them in their new beginning and new reality. (Shelter and post-shelter).

Maison Marie-Rollet

Support youth intervention service for mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Maison Richelieu

Offer activities to provide girls aged 12-19 with tools to help develop their full potential, capacity for resilience, awareness of social responsibilities, while strengthening their self-esteem by acquiring healthy lifestyle habits.

Mères & Monde

Support economically vulnerable families aged 16 to 30 to promote equal opportunities for their children.

Moisson Québec

Projet de production maraîchère redistribuée auprès des organismes en sécurité alimentaire.

Patro Laval

Allow neighborhood families access to recreation and respite, valuing the role of parents.


Maintain the presence of a youth street worker, offer prevention activities in youth settings and provide a safe, warm, tolerant and respectful place to welcome young people living in a situation of homelessness or at risk of being homeless.

Ressources actions familles à Lac-St-Charles

Develop and consolidate good practices for effective interventions to better support the needs of parents and children. Accompany and support families through food assistance and drop-in daycare activities.

Ressources Parents Vanier

Activities for parents and their children to promote overall child development and enrich the parenting experience.

SOS grossesse

Prevention workshops (pregnancy, sexuality, contraception) for young people aged 12-17 from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

Squat Basse Ville

Through the housing component, provide help for young people who have broken away from their community, are at risk of being homeless or who are homeless.

Théâtre jeunesse Les Gros Becs

Provide support for a participatory artistic project allowing young people aged 12 to 17 to develop their creativity in engaging in a multidisciplinary collective work that examines their mental health with kindness and positivity.

TRAIC jeunesse

Provide a living environment to break the isolation of young people and create an environment of belonging and meaningful ties.

TRIP Jeunesse Beauport

Assist young people aged 12 to 25 at risk of homelessness and support them by creating meaningful relationships.


Develop an intersectional youth approach through a project aiming to promote young girls’ and young people’s participation in creative undertakings, supporting them in carrying out social action projects.

Chaudière-Appalaches region

Alliance Jeunesse Chute-de-la-Chaudière

Support for young people aged 18 to 25 to ensure the development of their potential and their autonomy so they can integrate into society and function without supervision.


Support for young people aged 12 to 17 and their families experiencing personal, academic and/or family difficulties, providing housing and complementary services.

Le Filon

Support families and young people experiencing the effects of food insecurity, and/or social and economic exclusion by offering them various activities related to food security.

Maison de la famille Rive-Sud

Workshops for parents and their children from 6 months to 5 years old allowing toddlers to acquire both motor and mental skills.

Maison des jeunes l'Aigle

Soutenir et renforcir les interventions auprès des jeunes pour favoriser le développement de leurs compétences personnelles et sociales grâce à des ateliers et des activités, notamment avec la collaboration d'une psychoéducatrice.

Portneuf region

Carrefour FM Portneuf

Collective kitchens for families to improve their cooking skills and the development of healthy eating habits. Valuable help with the family budget and service providers available.

Cerf-Volant Portneuf

Workshops for parents with children aged 0 to 12 months.

Charlevoix - Côte de Beaupré region

Forum jeunesse de Charlevoix Ouest

Support for young people aged 8 to 17 to develop their self-esteem by using circus arts and community work as a tool for social intervention.

La Marée

Offer a week of specialized day camp and music workshops for young people who have a loved one living with a mental health problem.

Maison de la Famille de Charlevoix

Offer activities and support to parents to develop their parenting skills and foster the parent/child relationship, stimulate children’s development and break isolation.

MDJ La Baraque

Provide a dynamic living environment that meets the needs of young people and equip them to develop their personal and social skills

Ressources familiales Côte-de-Beaupré

Offer drop-in daycare to parents allowing them respite and to access to support of qualified educators to promote children’s overall development and socialization.

Montreal region

Bouffe-Action de Rosemont

Equip families and their children aged 0-12 through activities promoting food security and healthy eating (collective gardens and kitchens).

Carrefour familial les Pitchou

Activities (training and reflection tools) to increase parenting skills and support young parents aged 14 to 24 in their life project.

Carrefour solidaire centre communautaire d'alimentation

Food education for young people aged 5 to 17 in Centre-Sud encouraging the development of a healthy relationship with food and aimed at strengthening the food security of their families.

Centre Communautaire Bon Courage De Place Benoît

Activities promoting the social responsibility and
personal development of young people aged 11 to 17 .

Centre communautaire Petite-Côte

Parent(s)-child(ren) dyad activity program, culinary workshops and informal gathering place allowing families to discuss topics related to parenthood, and children to benefit from specialized and creative workshops.

Centre de promotion communautaire Le Phare

Empower families living in poverty by promoting initiatives proposed by young people and parents, involving them at every stage.

Centre des femmes de Montréal

Intervention program and activities intended for economically vulnerable mothers and/or newcomers to Quebec as well as their preschool children.

Centre des jeunes l'Escale de Montréal-Nord

Support for young people aged 15 to 25 in order to develop and enhance their talents and skills to make them engaged and responsible citizens in their community.

Centre d’initiatives pour le développement communautaire l’Unité

Support youth center in schools for children aged 9 to 12 with learning difficulties.


Develop the father-child(ren) bond, parenting skills and sense of belonging through a camping trip and strengthen the participation of those living in a context of vulnerability through fall and winter camps.

Coup de pouce jeunesse Montréal-Nord

Support for the development and consolidation of activities related to spreading the spirit of mutual aid among young people aged 12 to 17.

En marge 12-17

Support for young people aged 12-17 in difficulty and/or homeless in order to facilitate access to community and health services.

Entre Parents de Montréal-Nord

Support all methods of intervention within the organization in order to improve support for families at risk in the North Montreal community.

Escale Famille Le Triolet

Support the drop-in daycare service by offering parents respite, preventing exhaustion, neglect, and mistreatment. Develop successful strategies for the child and the entire family.


Support special in-school or out-of-school projects adapted to the specific needs of young Aboriginal people aged 15 to 30.

Fondation Sablon

Stays at the P'tit Bonheur summer camp in Sablon for several MTL youth organizations funded by the Fondation.

La Grande Porte

Supporting artistic projects for young people aged 6 to 12 as a springboard for integrating positively with their environment.

La Maison D'Haïti

Offer activities to develop skills and strengthen parenting skills to facilitate a more harmonious integration of families into the host community.

La Relance Jeunes et Familles

Clubs for 4 to 12 year olds with support, family follow-up and varied educational activities, ranging from art, social circus and parent-child cooking workshops.

La Troisième Avenue

Support the organization of a collective initiative by a group of immigrant women that will lead to the organization of a public conversation and the creation of awareness tools to distribute to educational institutions.

Projet Harmonie

Support service for children aged 6-17 and support for parents.

Service de loisirs St-Fabien

Respite offered to vulnerable families and activities allowing the full development of children.

Mère au front

Mobilize mothers and their allies throughout Quebec and the rest of Canada around the climate emergency and the protection of children and protect the earth.

Mère avec pouvoir

Inspirational Box Project offering meal boxes twice a month to families to promote the empowerment of single-parent women by developing their culinary abilities and knowledge, their aptitudes and their parenting skills.

Mon Resto Saint Michel

Reaching isolated immigrant families and supporting them in the perinatal period. Through home visits, marraines Relevailles (godmothers) forge a special bond with the families and support them in various spheres of life.

Pact de rue

Through street work, offer activities and psychosocial support to socially marginalized young people aged 12 to 25 in the Mercier Ouest district.

Le Point Cardinal

Favoriser l’intégration et la réussite des élèves issus de l’immigration en leur offrant un espace de parole, d’échange et de socialisation et en augmentant les occasions pour eux et leur famille de s’intégrer à leur société d’accueil et d’en saisir les repères socioculturels.

Ressource Jeunesse de Saint-Laurent

Post-housing follow-up to ensure continuity of services for young people aged 16-25 in difficulty and/or homeless.

Sentier urbain

Offer educational actions to children aged 5 to 12 related to climate and environmental issues.

Basses-Laurentides region

La Maison Pause-Parent

Provide respite for vulnerable families in a family camp that promotes parent-child bonds and breaks isolation.

Centre Marie-Ève

Workshops, activities and home visits for young mothers during and after pregnancy to provide the support they need.

La Petite Maison de Pointe-Calumet

Support for street work to improve the quality of life of vulnerable families in the community (especially young people in difficulty).

Our community partners in Mongolia

Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence

Offer support services to child victims of sexual abuse to reduce the psychological and health consequences, while promoting empowerment through developing self-confidence.

Erdem Care Center

To provide foster care services to children aged 0 to 18 who have lost either one or both parents, are abandoned and the victims of violence, to provide for their psychological development.

Living Hope

Offer a daycare service where children have the opportunity to participate in various development activities and have access to food and education.

Children and Young People's Protection and Development

Provide support for the socialization and development of vulnerable children aged 7 to 15 through arts activities, life skills training and social services.

Desert Rose

Provide safe accommodation and psychological support to girls aged 2 to 18 who are victims of sexual abuse, who have been abandoned and are at high risk of violence. The objective is to help them continue their development.

Tolgoit Community Development Center

Protect and strengthen the social capacities of vulnerable children and young people living in difficult conditions in the Tolgoit region and encourage their participation in activities that take place in their community.

National Center Against Violence

Provide emergency temporary accommodation and food support to children and their mothers who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

B.Bilguunzul Foundation

Provide psychological and social support to children aged 12 to 16 in order to teach them how to protect themselves and others from violence by offering them support psychologically and in terms of daily life.

My Family Care Center

To provide foster care services for abandoned and disabled children, whether orphans or semi-orphans, ensuring their safety and development.

Association of Parents with Differently able Children

Offer training to parents with children with disabilities to make them aware of their rights and existing government programs.

Enereliin Tuuchee

Support the development of children with special needs through several programs, including home-based services, counseling and classroom services. Children from remote areas and low-income families benefit from home-based learning activities.

Princess Center

Empowering young people and teenage mothers through prevention and rehabilitation programs. Support includes education on sexual and reproductive health and rights for 14-18 year-olds, and rehabilitation and empowerment for teenage mothers.

 Shineleg Child Development Centre

Through the development center, children aged 6-16 who live in remote districts will be socialized through art, supported in their talents through courses, and provided with risk prevention services to help them become independent and well-rounded citizens in life.

Our philanthropic partners