Request for financing

The Foundation financially supports unifying projects carried out by families and organizations in a neighborhood or community that contribute to the well-being of children and young people and to the respect of their fundamental rights.

Eligibility criteria

Read the following sections carefully before proceeding with your request.

• Be a non-profit organization duly registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
• Have one (or more) committed leaders supported by the organization, acting in consultation with other stakeholders in the community with a view to social development, and avoid duplication of work.
• Have developed the organizational mechanisms necessary for sound management practices, good planning, and the appropriate use of human and financial resources, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of activities.
• Submit satisfactory audited financial statements. Should a foundation be associated with the organization, the audited financial statements of the two structures must be submitted to the Foundation for review.
• Have social relevance in the community where the organization is located, pursuing concrete and realistic objectives compatible with those of the Foundation, contributing to creating lasting changes in the best interests of children and their families.
• Be willing to engage in a partnership relationship with the Foundation and share its values.
• Promote actions that strengthen the autonomy of the people involved in the intervention and ensure their participation at each stage of the project, from design, to implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

We are receiving an increasing number of requests and our ability to support organizations and their projects is limited. In order to be able to create a dynamic of proximity among the organizations, the Foundation, over the years, has targeted a number of neighborhoods in Montreal and Quebec City where it concentrates its donations.

Eligible requests

Ineligible requests

The foundations looks particularly closely at projects that contribute to one or several of the following objectives:

  • Valuing parent’s experience and their role as educators, both mothers and fathers, and encouraging their contribution to projects aimed at the well-being of children and the realization of their fundamental rights.
  • Encouraging the participation of young people aged 12 - 17 in projects that concern them, valuing civic responsibility and fostering their social involvement in their living environments.
  • Supporting the expertise of partner organizations working with families in the same neighborhood or involved in the same community, so as to optimize the usefulness of the resources allocated by FDG for the well-being of children and their families.
  • Prioritizing neighborhoods with few resources, where families with children are particularly isolated and vulnerable, or have to make do with "gaps in services" in areas of responsibility that normally fall to the state.
  • From parapublic organizations, government institutions and affiliates, local chapters of national organizations and their affiliates, individuals, religious or political groups, sports or professional associations, social economy organizations, or scholarship organizations.
  • To meet emergencies, defend a cause, remedy a shortage of capital or reduce a deficit.
  • To contribute to an organization's administrative costs or aimed at social housing projects;
  • To target an international internship, or an international NGO project;
    • To contribute to a general fundraising campaign; or to the capital of an organization's foundation; or to a fund dedicated to the organization's sustainability;
  • To contribute to an organization's matching program or endowment fund for the purpose of generating income.

Financing form

***The deadlines for submitting a funding request are March 1 and September 1 of each year.***
A response will be sent to you a few weeks after the date of submission regarding the qualification process for your organization and your project. A first contribution cannot exceed $10,000