Dissertation - Collective of foundations - January 2016

Mémoire - Collectif des fondations - Janvier 2016

By enacting the Act to combat poverty and social exclusion in 2002, voted unanimously by the National Assembly, a law accompanied by a National Strategy and action plans, the Government of Quebec hoped that Québec society as a whole is rallying around this objective. We are Quebec philanthropic foundations committed to this path, each in our own way.

The signatory foundations of this memorandum are involved in several areas to improve our community life in Quebec: health, education, prevention, recreation, social innovation, early childhood, youth, seniors, etc. We collaborate with hundreds of organizations in various ways: financial support, consultation, exchange of expertise, access to data, training, partnerships. We are linked to many networks: community, philanthropic, academic, business, government. We act as much at the local and micro-local level as at the regional and Quebec, Canadian and international levels.

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